#2612 Single Point Series SuperLite Cover

#2612 Single Point Series SuperLite Cover
Fits #2600

Protect your hitch investment with PullRite’s custom-made hitch covers!  Custom designed for your specific hitch, these durable hitch covers protect the working elements of your hitch from damaging dust, dirt and exposure to the elements.

Made from a high-quality vinyl developed for marine use, these covers are well-suited to withstand the toughest of conditions.  UV protected and tough!

Both vinyl and ink are UV protected and resists flaking.  Fading will naturally occur with use, but has a manufacturer's guarantee of no fading for at least two years in the harshest of conditions.

New vinyl will relax over time and to provide a great fit to your hitch.  Attaches with strap and buckle for ease of install!


Part No
Black vinyl w/ logo
Shipping Specs
Box, Corrugated