#2600 SuperLite 20K Single Point (1P) Attachment Fifth Wheel Hitch

The #2600 SuperLite Single Point (1P) Attachment, lightweight, fifth wheel hitch is designed for any OE or aftermarket undermount gooseneck towing system and is unlike any other hitch of its kind on the market today.  Strong, American steel vs. those weaker aluminum models and still only 64 lbs. lifting weight, the SuperLite 1P hitch gives you confidence that you're towing with the best!

The #2600 SuperLite fifth wheel hitch is designed to tow gooseneck trailers and typically mounts to a single point, standard 2-5/16" ball.  These types of mounting systems are available as an aftermarket product or come OE equipped (factory direct). 

We converted the fifth wheel trailer's king pin to a ball and turned the hitch plate into a funnel, making it the easiest hitch on the market to hook up.  Totally visible from the cab, you simply drop the trailer's converted ball anywhere on the diameter of the funnel and lower your trailer!  The Remote Latch system locks/unlocks the ball into funnel and keeps you out of the bed–and there are no secondary locking devices to engage.

The big disadvantage to gooseneck towing is that the driver cannot see the ball while hitching up since they are installed low on the floor of the bed.  And if you also own a fifth wheel trailer, there's no easy way to tow both types of trailers with the same truck.  Now you can with SuperLite!

The uniquely designed King Pin Adapter gives you an additional 3.5" of rearward offset so your turning radius in a short bed truck will be tighter, giving you more cab clearance!  Combined with the offset of the base, there is 8" of clearance possible.

Let us show you why #2600 SuperLite should be your next hitch!  Check out #2600 — How It Works and some promotional ads we've published in the documents tab below right, as well a video of how it works. We're still working on the #2600's promotional video, so check out the video tab to the right to see how this awesome hitch operates!


SuperLite King Pin Adapter and Remote Latch Handle included.


  • 20,000 lb. max gross trailer weight towing capacity
  • 5,000 lb. max trailer pin weight capacity
  • Lightweight, high grade steel hitch vs. weaker aluminum models
  • Detachable Bed Saver Rails reduce stress on truck bed to minimize crushing and surface wear
  • Fits all popular and OE 2-5/16” gooseneck ball brands (except B&W OE Ball w/ bale handle)
  • Flexible design allows fifth wheel king pin to be positioned forward or rearward of the gooseneck ball by as much as 8”
  • Vertical height adjustment from 15.8" to 18.8"
  • Hitch comes fully assembled
  • Gooseneck adapter available (#4443)
  • Optional patented, cam-action OE Series Gooseneck Ball available
  • SAE J2638 tested
  • Made in the USA


NOTE:  GMC/Chevy trucks require both #2616 Bed Support Bracket and #2620 GMC/Chevy Puck Plug Set (both purchased separately).  Not required for Ford and Dodge.



A towing system includes each vehicle and component involved in towing. Each item in your towing system has a capacity or weight rating.  You trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR.  Your truck has a tow capacity, payload capacity, and possibly more. In addition, your fifth wheel hitch has a weight rating.  This weight rating must be at, or above, the GVWR of your trailer for you to tow safely.  In addition, if your truck can tow larger loads (has a larger capacity) than the rating of your hitch, your system is only safe to tow loads at the lower rating, that of the hitch.

Your mounting kit also has a weight rating, just like your fifth wheel hitch. Many times, these rating are designed to match. But, this is not always the case. Your mounting kit may be higher rated then your fifth wheel hitch, but it also could be lower depending on the components involved.  The lowest rating of any one component in the system becomes the rating of the entire system. If your mounting kit is rated to 18,000 lbs., and your hitch is rated at 24,000 lbs., the weight rating of the entire system will not be above 18,000 lbs.  Other components in the system could lower the actual system rating further.

It is the end users responsibility to ensure a safe towing experience. To this end, it is your responsibility to ensure that the truck, trailer, hitching components, and all other items involved are rated or have a capacity sufficient for the loads involved.

Part No
Capacity (max. trailer weight)
20,000 lbs.
Pin Weight Capacity (max. vertical weight)
5,000 lbs.
Total Weight
64 lbs.
Black, powder coat
5 year, limited
SuperLite from PullRite!
How PullRite's Exclusive Bed Saver Rails Work
Downside of Hooking Up with Conventional Goosenecks
"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hitch!"

"I ... have a PullRite [#2600 SuperLite] in my Ram 3500. We pull a Sierra 372LOK and we love it!  Easy to hitch, easy to remove and use the bed (one person job). In addition, the company has great customer service. I broke the retaining bolt on the top of the hitch and PullRite sent one in the mail, no questions asked. I highly recommend this hitch."

"Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!"

"My husband and I met you {salesman} at the San Antonio RV show in January.    You showed us the SuperLite model 2600 hitch system.  I mentioned that I need to use my truck to pull my cattle trailers and would like a hitch that could pull both an RV and a cattle trailer.  So, you advised that this model has a gooseneck that replaces my standard gooseneck.   You were one of the first vendors that we actually visited that day and I'm so glad we found you first.   We ended up buying an RV that day.  The RV store gave us the hitch of our choice with the purchase.  So, we got the Superlite 2600 model with a replacement gooseneck for my cattle trailer.  


At the show,  You asked me to let you know how I liked  pulling a cattle trailer with it if I got one of these.  Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.   My cattle trailer is SO HEAVY and was difficult to hook up to the standard ball in my truck bed.  You had to be exactly dead on because it would not simply drop on if you were off a tiny bit, and it was hard to see, especially at night, even with at lighted truck bed.  But not anymore.... Hallelujah !  I can easily see the hitch and it drops right in .  The other problem I used to have  was that I didn't have much clearance between the tailgate and the trailer when the tailgate was down, like only a few inches, because of the battery box and propane tanks, so I would have to stop and get out to put the tailgate up when I was getting close to the ball.  With the tailgate up, I can't see if the ball is close as I'm working with the jacks.  I'd have to stop, look in the bed, lower some more, etc.  If it was off, I'd have to carefully maneuver back and forth with the tailgate up.  This was a pain by myself.   Hooking up by myself is a breeze now and is SO much easier.  I also think it pulls better."

"We experienced a very smooth and quiet trip!"

"We have experienced EXCELLENT customer service from your company.  We bought a #2600 single point hitch at the Harrisburg PA Camping World.  When the weather finally turned nice, I attempted to install the hitch.  I couldn't remove bolts.  They seemed to be cross-threaded.  I contacted Karl in the parts department at Camping World.  He sent the information to Scott, one of your reps.  Scott contacted me and within days he was at my house with a new hitch.  Scott was helpful and informative.