#2400 ISR Series SuperLite 20K Four Point (4P) Attachment Fifth Wheel Hitch

The #2400 SuperLite Four Point (4P) industry standard rail mounted, lightweight, fifth wheel hitch is ideal for long bed trucks, but usable with short bed trucks provided the attachment point is center of axle. 

The uniquely designed King Pin Adapter gives you an additional 3.5" of rearward offset so your turning radius in a short bed truck will be tighter, giving you more cab clearance!

We have converted your fifth wheel trailer's king pin to a ball and turned the hitch plate into a funnel.  It's the easiest hitch on the market to hook up.  Totally visible from the cab, simply drop the trailer's converted ball anywhere on the diameter of the funnel and lower your trailer!  The Remote Latch system keeps you out of the bed when locking/unlocking, and there are no secondary locking devices to engage.  Made from strong, high quality American steel, it is still lightweight at only 52 lbs.!

The #2400 mounts to any industry standard type rail system, but of course, we offer a better, "above standard" rail system compared to other brands, so check out why ours are so different by clicking here!  And be sure to watch how this great hitch operates by watching a short video under "videos" tab below.

Check out our #2400 How It Works page for more detailed information about this unique hitch.

If you’re starting fresh and don’t have a towing system at all, we would encourage you to consider your options.  We have several mounting systems to choose from, so start here to see what's available to you.  And be sure to check out our mounting systems that feature Clean Bed Technology.

Do you have an OE Puck mounting system?  Did you know you can quickly convert this hitch or any ISR Series hitch to a puck mounted one?  Find out how!


NOTE:  SuperLite King Pin Adapter and Remote Latch Handle included.


  • 20,000 lb. max gross trailer weight towing capacity
  • 5,000 lb. max trailer pin weight capacity
  • Lightweight, high grade steel hitch vs. weaker aluminum models
  • Vertical height adjustment from 15.7" to 18.7"
  • Mounts to PullRite ISR Rails or any other brand of industry standard type rails
  • King Pin Adapter converts the trailer's king pin to a ball
  • Hitch comes fully assembled
  • OE Puck Adapter Rails available
  • Gooseneck adapter available (#4443)
  • SAE J2638 tested
  • Made in the USA



A towing system includes each vehicle and component involved in towing. Each item in your towing system has a capacity or weight rating.  You trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR.  Your truck has a tow capacity, payload capacity, and possibly more. In addition, your fifth wheel hitch has a weight rating.  This weight rating must be at, or above, the GVWR of your trailer for you to tow safely.  In addition, if your truck can tow larger loads (has a larger capacity) than the rating of your hitch, your system is only safe to tow loads at the lower rating, that of the hitch.

Your mounting kit also has a weight rating, just like your fifth wheel hitch. Many times, these rating are designed to match. But, this is not always the case. Your mounting kit may be higher rated then your fifth wheel hitch, but it also could be lower depending on the components involved.  The lowest rating of any one component in the system becomes the rating of the entire system. If your mounting kit is rated to 18,000 lbs., and your hitch is rated at 24,000 lbs., the weight rating of the entire system will not be above 18,000 lbs.  Other components in the system could lower the actual system rating further.

It is the end users responsibility to ensure a safe towing experience. To this end, it is your responsibility to ensure that the truck, trailer, hitching components, and all other items involved are rated or have a capacity sufficient for the loads involved.

Part No
Capacity (max. trailer weight)
20,000 lbs.
Pin Weight Capacity (max. vertical weight)
5,000 lbs.
Total Weight
84 lbs.
Overall Dimensions (inches)
23.25"W x 25"L x 15.5"H
Black, powder coat
5 year, limited
Shipping Specs
Box, Corrugated
SuperLite from PullRite! Lightweight, industry standard rail fifth wheel hitch!
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Clean Bed Technology
Downside of Hooking Up with Conventional Goosenecks

#2412 ISR Series SuperLite Cover

Fits #2400
Made of high quality marine vinyl UV protected ink and vinyl Hard support insert to keep top of cover flat over the hitch head Easy strap and buckle