SuperGlide 24K


Until the introduction of the SuperGlide with the patented CamGlide feature, what options were there for people with short bed trucks? Not turn tight corners while towing your trailer? Install the hitch improperly... too far back in the truck bed to distribute the load correctly? Buy a hitch that can be repositioned but forces you to throw levers. Set the trailer brakes, pull pins, move forward, insert pins, and then turn - and the probability that sometime, somehow either a turn will be made without remembering to go through that process - or an unintentional turn will be made during an emergency or a jack knife situation, and damage to the vehicles or worse will result? These aren’t really answers and they don’t address your needs. The SuperGlide isn’t for everyone, but if you want to tow a 5th wheel trailer with a short bed pickup, the SuperGlide is the answer! The PullRite SuperGlide is the solution! It allows a 5th wheel hitch to be installed properly and automatically adjusts the spacing between the trailer and the pickup cab during turns, without requiring the driver to do anything other than drive. A 24,000 pound weight rating, patented CamGlide design allows up to 18" of automatic slide, your trailer can turn up to 90º without coming into contact with the cab. The SuperGlide can be easily removed from the bed of the tow vehicle for normal use by pulling the four mounting posts. See the video! > Patented “NO BASE RAIL” bed rail mounting system. > Custom Mounting Brackets > Powder Coated Finish > 5-year Warranty

The SuperGlide hitch for short box trucks is optimally designed for trailers with a King Pin located even with, or ahead of the leading edge of the trailer (measured at the corners of the trailer). There are many variables that can influence the ability to make a full 90° turn; including the trailer width, trailer profile, radius corners & truck cab profile. In many cases, even if the king pin is located under the trailer, behind the leading edge of the trailer, the SuperGlide may allow 90° turns - but NOT IN EVERY CASE. If your trailer king pin is behind the trailers leading edge, we recommend you download the following document to help you determin proper clearance. If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department by email or call (800) 443-2307.

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