SuperRail Mounting Kit 1999-2014 Ford F250 & F350


SuperRail custom kit for 1999-2014 Ford F250 & F350. SuperRail mounting kits are vehicle specific, providing the strongest, quickest installing, and most stable towing platforms in the industry. SuperBracket Custom Brackets and SuperRail Brackets are not interchangeable and use standard Super 5th base rails. SuperRails are unique, totally removable base rails. *Includes removable SuperRails & Posts, Mounting Brackets and Hardware.

Please note, in order to determine the total tow capacity of a system, you must consider the weight ratings of each component in that system. This includes, but may not be limited to, the capacity/rating of the tow vehicle, the fifth wheel hitch, and the hitch’s mounting system. Actual tow capacity of the system will be equal to the lowest rated component.

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